Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kept it simple

We're working on the guest house. The plan is to move into it in two weeks time so that when the major work begins on the main house we'll have a bit of a sanctuary.  Bids are coming in from foundation, structural repair folks and plumbers. 

Today U, my father in-law, and I spent an hour in the Depot gathering materials to frame a wall and closet in the guest house. U remove the rotted plywood on the exterior of the guest house and we replaced it with non-rotted wood. It was a fun feeling to put something new on the property today as everything up until now has been "crappen" removal. 

If you would notice in the image above, a tiny PINK rectangle in the lower right corner shows the previous color of the building. At least the previous owner, whom I am assuming re-painted it, got one thing right. 

Tomorrow is Friday and the first of our guest blogs (I just thought of that). 

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