Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm a Winner

I'm a winner. Really. I won a $500 gift card to Lowes because of  the San Diego kitchen paint remodel that I did! Looking at these pictures makes me miss having a kitchen. Actually, looking at our decrepit kitchen here at the new house makes me miss having a kitchen.

The pieces for the guest house kitchen continue to pile up in the dining room but there is hope on the horizon.  We hired two general construction/electrician guys that our real estate agent
recommended. They finished the siding project and are going to
frame out the garage wall/closet tomorrow. They are great with
letting me watch, help and learn. I got to fire a concrete gun with a 22-caliber blank for the base of the new wall in the guest house. They laughed when I ran into the house to get ear plugs but these ears are worth "some" money! 

Yesterday was a research and gather day. We looked at and decided on a gas fireplace insert, decided on windows, went to a 
salvage yard for granite (to be repeated several more times), I 
found a lumber yard for birch 1"x12" for kitchen shelving and researched stainless shelf brackets for the GHouse, went to a lamp store for GHouse bathroom sconces and decided on master bedroom lighting as we're sick of  squinting at the empty electrical boxes in the cottage cheese ceiling when we could be looking at each other. 

Tomorrow I caulk, prime and learn more about wall framing. Really, I'm excited! It is a way better job than trying to pry the old walls of granny curtains down in the MHouse (Which was today's project). I can guarantee that in the 50+ years they were up they were never washed - EVER!

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