Sunday, October 4, 2009

Belated Guest Blog

I was asked to guest blog on Friday but I've been very, very busy. Sometimes I just like to do my own thing. So far I like the house. It smells funny in the kitchen - I think an old dog liked to pee on the floor by the doors a lot. The big bedroom is sunny all day long and is a great place to take naps. My days have been occupied monitoring the activity around the house.  I like to monitor. 

Highlights of the past week include: 

1. herding Stan the cat back into the house when he got out - he really should just do as I say,
2. going on a walk with the new neighbors - one growls at me a lot and the other just runs away but I like them, 
3. inspecting the new kitchen cabinets brought home for the guest house.

The best thing ever happened today when the neighbor guy made me a new window to look through. The small neighbors still growl and run but I am beyond happy!

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