Thursday, October 22, 2009


Another e-bay triumph! I'll save you from the nail biting details and simply present to you our completely and utterly non-necessary but oh-so-lovely EXTENSION MIRROR: 
This beauty retails for $249 on Not to fear budget minded followers, I scooped this baby up for roughly 80% off. It is "new in box" I might add.

Other successes today have been harder to come by. Our trusty helpers that are working on the GHouse had a 50% successful day.  The crown moulding defeated one of them with a staggering blow to the ego. In 3 hours he successfully put up one 4' section. E and I will be putting up the rest of the crown this evening as their hourly labor rate just shot through the roof with that one.  I'll let you know if we are likewise defeated or if we have just a smidgen more success having put up crown in our last old house. 

The range for the GHouse was delivered and they hauled away the range from the MHouse (for free). I'm missing a working cook-top already but seeing as how the oven didn't work, it had to go eventually. 

And how could I forget the most important news of the day -I was sent on a mission to purchase a chop saw and ended up returning with Mrs. Meyer*s Cleaning products instead. I blame my upbringing. I couldn't resist. I'm hooked. I would have brought home the laundry detergent and dish washing liquid as well but alas, our washer and dryer are non-functional and we are short one dishwasher. In my defense, it is the best smelling thing in the house. 

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