Monday, October 19, 2009

More Rain

Today has felt largely unproductive. We have a trench in the back yard gathering rain water where we should have plumbing for the GHouse. We made the last minute decision to move the kitchenette around a bit and with it the plumbing for the sink. By paying a little more upfront we ended up saving ourselves bigger bucks later on as when the trench was dug, we discovered the pipe was leaking 2' under the foundation possibly adding to the slightly cracked/skewed concrete pad. Not much else happened in the way of physical labor. We shopped some more - drywall/self leveling concrete, electrical wire, plumbing - you get the picture.  Over the last several days we have ordered the following for the bathtub and kitchenette (plus a rectangular curtain rod for the tub not shown below):
We scored some pretty sweet deals. The fridge was a closeout in stock for 30% off and the tub faucet/shower was another e-bay find which E plans to modify by building a wall mount for the shower handle.

In other news, the walls are painted! We have falsies for window casings that look pretty darned cute if I do say so myself, just don't squeeze and they look real. 

Other than that, I'm meeting with the window installer to measure for our new windows this afternoon and I'm measuring for cellular shades in the GHouse once the rain stops. I'll also be sending off a signed contract to the roofer and E and I are gathering more info in order to decide on plumbing bids.  Plus, the cat bite is healing up quite well. I haven't seen the cat around since "the incident" but hope I'll see his HEALTHY mug around to stop the rumors of rabies from swirling about.*

* Don't worry mom,  I don't have rabies, as I said, a filthy-filthy rumor. 


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