Thursday, October 8, 2009

Workin' it

Things got done today. 'DNA Chimney' came by and made the fire box structurally sound. They added metal flashing to the top and buttoned it up tight against moisture. Our two hired guns worked on insulating the wall in the GHouse and added the first coat of top coat to the new drywall. There's a door for the closet as well. 

I spent my day learning a thing or two about drywall and then the other 4 hours were spent priming the siding on the house. Yesterday was a rip roarin' good time with the caulk gun. I somewhat enjoyed it. I've honed my skills for when it comes time to caulk the tub in the MHouse, the new shower in the MasterBath, the GHouse Bath/Shower and the backsplash in the MHouse kitchen. It is hitting me right now just how much tiling I have ahead of me. This may influence some of the designs I choose. The last thing I want is to be certified nutty based on weeks on end laying and grouting 3x6 subway tile - as pretty as it is. 

There are some design decisions that are pending. Here is the kitchen spread for the GHouse so far:
I'm deciding on flooring and paint. I think we'll be able to easily install engineered wood on the concrete slab. I'm getting some bids from the pros on Monday. The two floors in the running are as follows:

Paint colors I'm looking at. I'm thinking about the first three as an accent wall behind the kitchenette and either Dolphin Fin or Hazelnut Cream for all the other walls (minus the bathroom): 

The bathroom tub/shower situation is still a situation. The space is still too small (4'11) for a standard tub and the plumbing is still sitting in a bed of concrete and ready for a claw-foot tub. This avenue although awesome and cute looks to be pretty expensive. I've been toying with the idea of custom building a mortar bed for a tile shower and re-routing the plumbing up the wall. To be continued...

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