Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yippie Skippie

Yesterday started out wonderfully. We received our tub filler for the GHouse and it is prettier than in the picture. Our washer and dryer do indeed work!  I piked up some more Mrs Meyer*s (no I am not sponsored by them, but should be). And for the first time since moving here, we used something that worked 100% without a glitch and made the house smell delicious! I also, scored an audition with Central City Opera YAP. Then some other good stuff I can't remember. Then the craziness began. Erik totaled 3 trips to the Depot, one of them included a cashier and a manager refusing to sell him two sticks of crown moulding because they were marked "contractor pack" and thus couldn't be sold separately, even though they were clearly the only two around, available, and unattached to a 10-pack. I'm not bitter. 

The other trip to the Depot that I was a part of is a bit of a blur to be quite frank. I think the
 third trip resulted in several bags of self leveling concrete. Speaking of which, I believe we have the GHouse floor adequately leveled so that we can start to install the flooring tomorrow!

Today was pure fun. My gift card from Lowe's showed up and we went shopping. The loot:

Pedestal Sink
Shower/Tub Faucet

Three thermostats for the heating system
Smoke Detector

We met with and hired the plumber this morning, his crew will start in several weeks, giving us almost enough time to get our act together by demoing both baths and the kitchen, getting permits, ordering all of the required parts/fixtures/appliances/sinks/etc. 

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