Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Looking up

The GHouse, or now called the Cottage by the plumbers (snort), is starting to look not only livable but really darned cute. I can remember dreaming of finding a little "carriage house" to rent while in school. I'm looking forward to moving in for a bit while we work on the MHouse. I don't think we'll have any trouble finding a quiet student to rent the place eventually. The plan is to price it a bit under market so that we can be a bit more selective in our tenant.  Mostly I am looking forward to living in a clean place that smells good with a functional kitchen and a bathroom where nothing is falling apart or tipping over. I can see the light. 

We finished installing the flooring today. It took us two good solid days of labor to lay the 6mil vapor barrier, lay another 'quiet underlay vapor barrier' the install the floor. We went with a floating floor and ended up having to glue all the joints. That was the most time consuming part - aside from the self leveling concrete and grinding. Getting the first wall flush and shimmed up right took quite a while too but was worth the effort since the last row ended up perfectly straight! It seems that the two opposing walls are indeed parallel.  Not to mention that the two hired hands were bragging about our work on the floor to our real estate agent and he called and will be stopping by tomorrow. 

The tub was delivered today and it looks good. We also met with the sewer lateral gentleman and his bit came in way under budget but that's o.k., we more than made up for it with the rest of the plumbing bid. 

MHouse news: The plumbers, sewer lateral, foundation/structural dude + crew are starting Nov. 9.  We have a tentative start date for the roofer the following Monday. We ordered our kitchen sink and faucet as well. Once again, I'm feeling a bit odd about my excitement for a kitchen faucet since the major selling point (aside from appearance) was how easy it would make cleaning up the sink. Do you see the wonderful pull down sprayer faucet with three different spray functions like aerated stream and power spray!? Sigh. At least I wasn't the one (E) totally in love with the soap dispenser. 

As for tomorrow I will be M.I.A. I have an audition in the city for a Young Artist Program. It will be a nice change of pace. I'm feeling like one lean-mean-general-contractor/opera-singing-machine.


  1. How'd the audition go! Is it too late to offer a "break a leg"?

  2. Unfortunately, any singing in the immediate future will be done solely in the dining room. Thanks fpr the well wishes!