Monday, October 12, 2009

No -> Go Motivation

It is cold. The dog and cat are huddled around the space heater in the master bedroom and I can't quite get it together enough to go out and buy the paint for the back house and start painting. 

The water heater was installed in the GHouse this morning. I spent my time running errands and going to the Depot. 

A final decision has been reached on the great tub/shower debate of the past few weeks. And the winner is:
The cast iron clawfoot tub is a 54" Randolph Morris Near Perfect unit with chrome feet. I was lucky enough to see a 48" version of a RM slightly blemished model in a store recently. There was nary a nick or a scratch to be seen. At -$200 to -$500 the going price for a new one and only +$100 more than the elusive vintage/used models, I opted for the shiny new version delivered free of charge to the front door.  Plus, we don't have to dig up concrete and re-plumb! 

I still have the plumbing fixtures to pick out and order but I've found a few good deals on shower units that I'll run by E when he gets back from his exotic trip to Newark, NJ.

Now that I'm typing away I guess I have made a bit more progress than I thought when starting this post. My mom-in-law and I picked out the cellular shade colors for the GHouse and MHouse yesterday. I've narrowed it down to three possible models for the gas-insert fireplace in the living-room. To top it all off, I won a pair of Restoration Hardware lights on ebay for the master bedroom for the awesome price of $90 total (retail $249ea/on sale now for $125ea). 

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