Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rats Take II & Danger Demo

Yesterday = Rats. The absolutely worst job E has ever done. It wasn't a picnic for me either. The bright side is that I will no longer look at a pint sized pile of rat poo and shriek. No, not me. I am an official member of the 3-gallon club. The 3-gallons was just what the world's most abused vacuum cleaner picked up. The rest was either embedded in the insulation as it was tossed down from the attic or rained down upon me as I scrambled to pick up the insulation. The "ha-ha" funny was that when E finally descended from the rat den he asked what all the screeching was about. Mmmm. You'll never guess what song was stuck in his head either... "It's raining (poo)". Sigh. The process took all day. E suited up in a full body suit, respirator, goggles and bike helmet. He sprayed a bleach/water solution on all the attic surfaces. He used a shop vac with a long extension taped to a pole to vacuum up most of the poo on the surface. He then jimmied a hoe onto a pole and my ice-scraper onto another pole. He used these to separate the stapled down insulation from the bottom and then hoed the insulation to the attic access hole of doom. I, likewise suited up (sans bike helmet) and piled the insulation into drawstring bags. Guess what ma, I even found a dead rat embedded in the insulation! It wasn't a pretty death either. E then took another pass with the vacuum and voila! 

Yesterday we also finished demoing the decks with a hand from a laborer, loaded the big dumpster, E's dad U sanded the carpet glue off the concrete slab and took apart a free standing closet.

Today consisted of danger demo. The laborer and I were left to our own devices. I opened up the drywall around the back house kitchen sink, using a sawzall - not the dangerous part. The laborer dude, henceforth known as dude, did stuff and I did more stuff.  Then the fun began, when dude couldn't work the circular saw, dude attempted to cut off rotted siding using the sawzall. NO BAD. Saw blade was a wiggling, jagged lines were being formed on the building's surface. I had mental flashes of a saw gone wild. That was when I decided it would be a good idea to set him to demoing a chimney on the main house, cuz I'm smart. Well, it's done and the end result is that no one was hurt and we saved $1000. 

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to working with U the father-in-law. 

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