Monday, September 28, 2009

Rats Take I

K&E: Wait for dumpster to be delivered at 10am, meet with craigslist folk for spa removal.
K: Back house cabinet/counter removal (learned rats like to nest below cabinets)

E: Back house bathroom demo (learned to flush toilet before removing toilet).
K&E: "Calmly" wait for dumpster to be delivered at 1pm, meet with more craigslist folk for lumber.

K: Back porch demo top

E: Go "lumberjack" on the redwoods and 3 large trees in side yard. 

K: Meet with plumber.
K&E: "Not so calmly" wait for dumpster to be delivered at 3pm
E: Cut trees into logs for more craigslist folk.
K&E: Get really hungry and dumpster arrives at 4:30pm
K: Retrieve piece of rat poo from small dog's mouth.
K&E: Discuss removal of rat infested insulation in Back House attic. Chicken out and go eat dinner.

1 comment:

  1. Scary rats! How are you going to try and get rid of those?

    E totally looks like mountain man amidst the forest.

    Does S cat not have enough bounce in his bungie to go after the rodents?