Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cash for Clunkers

It is official - we are the proud owners of a bouncing bundle of joy.  The 1,392sqft renovation challenge course is all set and bids are underway. Of course it wouldn't be much fun unless we were trying to tackle most of it ourselves. I have dubbed myself General Contractor and I am subcontracting the electrical, HVAC and finish carpentry to the husband (henceforth known as E aka e-man).

I say "bouncing bundle of joy" because the lot - as lovely and full of furniture, household combustibles, rats and plagues as it is - lies close to a fault. The foundation is the first order of business and here's hoping that the next Big One doesn't decide to show up until after everything is reinforced and seismically retrofitted. 

Of course there is joy in the new house as well. There are some beautiful details that need a little love and elbow grease to bring to life. My favorites are the inlaid hardwood floors and the fireplace with three Claycraft tiles. E-man personally loves the utility closet and has been drooling over websites depicting lurid sketches of solar water/radiant heating systems. 

A note to the reader: The provided sketch was created by an imaginative artist on the mls listing for the property.  Photographic images of the 'actual' property are forthcoming. 

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