Friday, February 26, 2010


We passed our first general inspection on the inside of the house. The electrical, plumbing, tankless water heater, gas, framing and sub-floor were all under scrutiny. There were several things he asked the plumber to take care of but we have a signature and can now start insulating. The funniest thing that came from it all is that the inspector told E, he trusts E is doing things right because he knows me and that E is accountable to me. I love it. Thankfully E found it funny as well.

We also received word that our windows should show up in several weeks. We know this because they've asked if they could use our house to film a training/marketing video on window installation. We are guaranteed our windows will be installed right. We'll have proof if anything goes awry too. I'm crossing my fingers that Marvin will throw in a free window with the deal. I don't have high hopes though, but a girl can dream.

We've come to a close on the major construction projects. Our moat has been filled and our yard shouldn't see too much more heavy traffic. This means we've started planning tree plantings. First up is getting trees planted into the easement through our city urban forestry program.

Chinese Pistachio: I've seen it described as the new urban darling. It grows to a mature height of 30' with a width of 25'. Growth is up to 3' per year. It is a drought tolerant and super hearty plant, resisting winds and infestations. The fall colors are gorgeous. Female trees produces pretty berries and flower. The males create pollen which might induce allergies and I'm not sure I want to subject myself to that. Bring on the mess making berries! The best part is that given we have a double lot, I think we can easily get the city to plant two trees, one to each side of the house.

Look at the pretty tree here: click me!

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  1. Congrats!!!

    The tree is pretty pretty!

    And--good things come to those who *ask*. So, consider at least *asking* Marvin for a window....