Friday, February 19, 2010

While the cat is away

E has not been at play. He has been working hard while I've been out of town.

Last update I received:

E wired the last circuits in the kitchen: microwave, dishwasher, sockets. The utility room electrical has been done. The GFCI circuit in the front bathroom has been hooked up. Several outlet boxes have been replaced and secured. Several of them were done before the dry rot demo on the outside of our house, but since they were on the walls that were removed, they ended up dangling. The only wiring left to take care of is the outlet in the laundry room, under cabinet lighting, and living room sockets.

We are also in desperate need of a label maker. Yes, it is a need. Who doesn't need a label maker? With the whole house basically rewired, we've been keeping track of all the circuits in the fuse box. Once we are final, I'd like to make it more permanent with shiny new, legible, labels. Legibility being the key.

Before I left however, we had a sad bit of news. There was one more corner of the house that had some possible dry rot. The contractor and his crew working on the project opened up a test hole on the back corner of our house, on the exterior of the master bedroom. The hole grew, and grew, and grew.

At this point, we should be free and clear of rot and termite damage. Should.

I've finally gotten around to removing some serious hazards from the property. So far, I've carted over 30 gallons of toxic materials to the household hazardous waste drop off facility. When we purchased the property, there was a mess of grand proportions outside. Remember? Part of the mess included buckets of old paint, stain, oil, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and mysterious unmarked containers.

Here's a shot of one of our two waste piles before my two trips to the dump site.
Here is an after shot. Notice, I still have another trunk load to go.

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