Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When will it rain?

Of all things, E is now checking the weather to see when it will rain again, in eager anticipation! Yes, that means we are the proud new owners of a fully functional and non-leaking roof.

I've been dreaming of details far in the future. Let us take a moment to indulge my fantasies.


You really have to cast your mind for this picture. Sure, the floor is covered in miscellaneous construction dirt and grime, the wall is missing behind the tub, but we do have a toilet seat, a towel bar and two lovely towels.
At E's urging, we are playing it safe and going with both towels in the blue. I'm toying with painting the walls the green color from the other bird towel. Now, I'm not completely jumping the gun here, a few weeks ago I visited my mother and helped her pick out paint, towels, etc. I must have had way too much fun since she then sent me a gift card to Pottery Barn so that I too could bring home the darling bird towels. Someday soon we will have a bathroom to hang them in. Thanks Mom!

More future dreams and musings in the form of house numbers.
These are the forerunners at the moment. Mission house numbers from Rejuvenation in oil rubbed bronze or antiqued brass, which ever is closest to the final restored patina on our door hardware.

Lighting. I'm currently drooling over these fixtures at a local salvage yard. I am plotting their (or something similar) ascent to the dining room and living room ceiling, respectively.
Since I'm sure E will read this post and think "old lady", I'm asking, "Any other suggestions?"

That's all the dreaming I can handle for now, back to reality for me. Tomorrow I get a massage.

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