Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night

Here it is, late on a Friday night, and we're all tucked in bed. It has been a party of a week and it has taken a toll on E. He has been spending a good portion of his time crawling around in the crawl space. Perhaps crawl is a bit of an exaggeration. Due to his efforts, a huge portion of our electrical work has been completed to date. Just last night, E ran and hooked up the stove circuit, the garbage disposal, the refrigerator circuit and 2 kitchen outlets.
Notice the pretty earthquake bracket attaching our sill to the foundation. Also, see the handsome plywood shear-wall. Then there is the hole E is looking out of, that is what is kindly referred to as a passage. Yes, he somehow manages to maneuver through that generous opening.

On the construction front, the house has been rid of dry rot and termite damage. The earthquake retrofit and dry rot repair inspection is scheduled for early next week. We are then looking at insulation and plywood the same day. Wednesday another inspection and hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll have the wire and paper for the stucco go up on Thursday. Monday the roof work starts and our skylight goes in which I picked up today. The other windows made the most recent delivery truck and are currently en-route. They should arrive at their new home sometime before the end of February.

We have been enjoying some lovely weather this week. The house has been humming with activity and Sophie has been able to get some sun bathing in.
But as for this weekend, we expect some showers and our house has its raincoat on in anticipation.

I haven't been soaking up the rays, no, I've gone popcorn happy. I did get around to tackling the hallway and here it is sporting its new look:

I also coated the master bedroom with several miles of plastic sheeting and painter's tape. I also encased our refrigerator and stove in a very artistic yet functional fashion.

I was planning on actually getting down to work on Sunday sometime but inspiration hit and my Friday evening was full of spraying and scraping. The good news is that it came down pretty cleanly and easily. The room is still a royal mess since I'm letting the now sticky popcorn goo dry a bit before I clean it up. The best news though is that our house is officially a popcorn free zone! This deserves a celebration, maybe next year when we're rested and up for partying.

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  1. Ahem. I am correcting myself. The doors are on the truck and any stock window along with it, which means possibly one out of 16 may have made it. The others are in production. Buzz kill.