Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Window Order

I just finalized our window & door order. There were quite a few numbers on the total line - enough to make me hesitate.

We keep hearing that the cost will be worth it. E is on board 100%. Even having experienced the difference of laminated glass for sound reduction, I had heart palpitations. The showroom is next to a railroad track and of course, all the exterior windows are laminated. It was amazing.

I feel confident in the windows, Marvin Ultimate Double Hung, Ultimate Replacement and Marvin Tilt Pac. All are Coconut Cream aluminum clad, primed pine interior. All of the original divided lites are being retained. All the doors, kitchen, mudroom, master bedroom double door are three point locking with one large glass pane.

We went with a double pane on all the windows, glass interior and laminated exterior for sound reduction (we do live on a busy street and next to the BART tracks) and energy efficiency. An added bonus is that they are security glass. After 2 robberies at our last house and a possible 3rd attempt, anything to make it harder to gain access into our house is a good thing.

I'm quietly reassuring myself as I type this.

We've seen the windows around town on some houses and unless you were walking up close to the house and specifically trying to pick them out, they look like the traditional wood windows I love. The reasoning behind the aluminum clad is two fold. One, once we have completed the renovation, our energy level for home upkeep will be on the low side. We are aiming at low maintenance. Secondly, our last house had brand new wood windows in several spots and even after priming and painting, it only took 2yrs for paint to bubble and peel. It could be the paints today it could be the direct light that they were receiving or the ocean air. Any way you slice it, we're giving this a go. You have to make a decision at some point and we're the king and queen of over research.

I did have a moment several minutes before submitting the order. After looking closely and noticing that the hardware on the tilt pack costs me money, and a bit more than a more traditional lock and pull would, I almost had them take it off the order so that I could order my own elsewhere and install them all myself after the windows were in. Like I don't have enough to do. Again, it would have been one more decision - or several more if I could manage to make it so.

Breathe. There, now I feel better.

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