Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sink Hole

Yet another mystery has been solved. Ever wonder where the run off from the roof goes? We have. There are two drains, now two triple sized drains since our new roof, with downspouts attached to subterranean pipes. We previously discovered that the downspout on the western side of the house drains out to the street. The piping is intact and fully functional which is a HUGE surprise. We'd previously noticed the eastern drain seemed to be directed towards the front of the house along the East side of the house, but had until last week, been unable to find the outlet.

E and I were on our way out for a run when he decided to disconnect the drain from the exposed piping and run the garden hose down the opening for 10 minutes. Still at a loss after walking along the curb, I noticed a damp spot on the sidewalk in front of the house. Logically following the damp spot to the lawn (o.k., weed garden) I noticed something of a bulge in the yard. Yes, I said there was a bulge in the yard. It was something like a potbelly. When E tapped it with his foot, the belly gurgled and squished. The 3' patch jiggled a bit and then stopped. Again, "tap, tap" followed by a "jiggle, jiggle". Our yard was either growing boils or we had very own underground aquifer just under the surface. The weed garden was tightly knit enough to keep the water from rising to the surface, instead, 10 minutes worth of hose water lay trapped under the yard, jiggling and generally creeping me out.

Yet we do have an almost fully functional drain system. We know where the water goes to at least. It is away from the house. Suppose we'll have to do something out how it plumps up in the yard, but that is a detail. I'm a big picture person at the moment. It is easy to be a big picture person when sitting 100s of miles away in a different city.

Since I am sitting 100s of miles away, I'd like to include a gratuitous pet photo, because, I can.

I have left Sophie in charge of things while away.
She has informed me that she enjoys her new position of power.

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