Thursday, March 25, 2010

Window and Trees - a pictoral post

The two Chinese Pistache were planted yesterday. They are taller than I expected but a little spindly. In 3-5 years they should be beauties. If you intend to see the trees in the two following pictures, look closely. The second picture is a bit of an optical illusion with a much larger tree helping to fill out the Pistache's canopy. I've been trying to get a shot of the trees from across the street but work trucks are always parked out in front of our house obscuring the view. I'll take the work trucks thank you.

Those large trucks have been unloading our windows! We have all but one in as of this morning.
Front office window looking out West

Living room looking out

Kitchen looking out

Looking into the mudroom

Front of house with one set of new windows and one set of old.

I love this shot of the house. Our front lawn reminds me of a very zealous political enthusiast's. At the urging of E, I took down two of the older signs. It still makes me giggle, just not as much.

Once the house is insulated and sealed up, I expect E will wander around from room to room taking measurements of sound with the new windows open, and closed.

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