Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Opening the box with our smoke detectors from Amazon seemed such an innocuous task. It seems someone made an accidental addition to the order. A copy of "Daily Wisdom, 365 Buddhist Inspirations" lay right on top. It was daring me to return it. Well, $12 being $12 and a tiny bit closer to a new roof, I returned it, but not before reading today's bit of wisdom, you know, just in case.

"The present moment is changing so fast that we often do not notice its existence at all"...etc. Be mindful.

In the spirit of noticing the present moment, I give you:

built-in ironing board, current state 1/12/10

(May8 - 1945 Germany Surrenders)

P.S. It rains in our house. Not on our house. In our house. I am so noticing the present moment.

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  1. Okay, that's just cool. Not the raining in your house bit, but the historical notation in your very groovy ironing board.