Wednesday, January 13, 2010


In an attempt to delay the inevitable, de-popcorning of the living room, I have delved into the world of design blogs. These are the ones that make money or if they don't the people writing them make money designing things. Unlike this blog which spins the sordid tale of a crazy couple, dog and cat who knowingly took on a renovation and are simply providing updates for family, friends and the neighbors (What could they possibly be doing over there at 11pm?).

Today's find is from (a daily favorite of mine). The image is of designer Miriam Dillon's work whom I know solely through the post, sorry Ms. Dillon:The point of all this being, the paint colors. The blue in the bathroom looks quite similar to a color I have picked out for our bathroom. Low and behold, the green shown in the bedroom is close to a color I've recently landed on for our master bedroom.

My mom and I laid out a rough color chart on the kitchen table when she was here visiting. It took several days of fiddling and several paint store visits (two of which were to stores that no longer existed). But throughout it all, she was infinitely patient with me, but she is an old pro at it. I suppose years of hours spent while I was a child being patient have finally paid off, right mom?

Anyhow. The color chart was helpful but this picture has all but sealed the deal.

O.k. Enough procrastination. Hi-ho-hi-ho.

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