Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lighting Take Two, or Three

Lighting has been the name of the game around here. I've been trying to rustle up some antique replacement fixtures and E has been hard at work rewiring all of the lights in the house with
good ol' romex.

In the antique lighting department, I had success today with finding a replacement for our badly corroded and spotted bathroom light. My first attempt at finding a replacement was through a super mega sale at Restoration Hardware. Once the light showed up at our house and we got around to holding it up in the bathroom, E and I came to the same conclusion. "No". Back went the light and onward went my search.

I spent a few days trying to find just the fixture sans glass shade but sadly, the cheapest fitter that was the correct size ran $30 and was just that, cheap. I'm all for a good deal but knowing what the $30 fitter was made out of, it was likely to rust up on us again in 3-years. Armed with this knowledge, I went to e-bay. Ta-da!
Isn't she cute. I shall call her Minnie. Minnie came in under $17. Go Minnie!

On a more technical level, E installed our super-duper-amazing-tech recessed lights in the kitchen. They are lit up like a frat boy on New Year's Eve. I am feeling a bit cocky about the placement and number of lights in the room. After hours of deliberation and fretting, it seems we do indeed have enough light, and, for those circumstances when it is too much light, we have a multi-location dimmer. "Oooooh". "Aaaaah".

Next up, I am on the hunt for a fixture to go with our porch shade. The original was an unlucky casualty, but it did have to sacrifice itself for the better good. The fixture's screws were rusted and painted into an impenetrable barrier that necessitated the use of a fancy power tool by my handy Schwiegervater (father-in-law). I've convinced E to keep the original shade which has turned purple through sun exposure. I am holding out that I'll find something on eBay again but if I don't these are the two possibilities from Rejuvenation:
After starting this post, at 6:45pm, E and I went for a mocha around 7pm then went to work on wiring the remaining lighting. It is now 11:20pm. Time flies. We made a nice little discovery in the living-room. We had been thinking about adding sconces to either side of the fireplace having lucked out in our last house by finding sconce boxes already tucked into the wall hidden behind a mirror. No such luck this time, but we did find a lighting box in the center of the ceiling which means we are going to shake things up a bit and go with the original lighting scheme for the house. Now to find yet another light. Ideas?
E hard at work uncovering the hidden light box.

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