Monday, January 11, 2010

Messy Me

More popcorn bit the dust, rather, made dust.

Step 1: Cover the floor and any non movable items with a thin plastic disposable drop cloth. Tape edges well.
Step 2: Wet ceiling with water, I used a weed sprayer. Scrape, wet, scrape, wet, shake out muscles, scrape, cuss, wet, stand around, wet,
Step 3: Take pictures of the mess and newly discovered ceiling while regaining feeling in arms.
Step 4: Let mess dry a bit.
Step 5: Remove drop cloth, sweep, vacuum, sweep, wipe down walls.
Step 6: Take a 2 day break then return to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum around the picture molding and window sills.

Stucco went up to patch where the chimney went down.

Back in September when we signed on the dotted line, we received as part of our "buyers package" a Home Warranty. This is pretty standard practice. In our real estate agent's infinite wisdom, he negotiated an additional coverage option - the roof. While we were made aware that our roof was not in prime condition in our home inspection, it has become more and more apparently that the roof had its final hurrah 10 years ago, maybe even 15.

The Warranty Company agrees with the assessment that the roof is dead and gone. They sent out a repair technician to fix the two newly sprung leaks and after receiving his report, they offered us a nice sum of cash. No repair is possible. New roof. We are now on track to get a new roof up as soon as we are done purposefully poking holes in the old one (plumbing, skylight, etc). Hope sprang eternal for 1 week when we thought we could put off a new roof until the summer but a toffee colored stain seeping down the new drywall in the utility room proved us wrong. This was even after E's heroic efforts to glue the roof back together with sticky black goo in a squeeze container.

I'm trying to convince E to guest blog again since he has been working like mad on the electrical. Most of which is located under the house and since my mad cat incident, I haven't been very willing to crawl down there. I'll leave it for him to explain. It is all very fancy stuff, or so I'm told.

Tomorrow the rest of the electrical boxes and perhaps lighting goes into the kitchen. I may even get to cleaning up my mess from the dining room popcorn removal.

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