Sunday, August 1, 2010

Visual Gratification

The back of the house is starting to look like a house. The drywall has been textured in all three rooms (master bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen/laundry/mudroom). Painting has begun in the mbath and mbed. I'm a bit overjoyed with the colors and currently believe it is because they are AMAZING and not that I'm simply giddy at the thought of something being close to completed. It is a bit tough to capture with my stellar photographic skills but if you squint hard you can see the bedroom is what I like to call a "light silver sage" while the bathroom is a "light and dusty robin's egg blue".

Trim work is almost finished in both rooms and tile has been ordered for the bath. I am sad that in the end we couldn't salvage the curved trim work originally found in the room. It turns out that again, previous modifications were made to it so that when we went to remove and salvage it, it simply fell apart in our hands. I'm not kidding, it was held up with paint and wood putty. A 4''x4'' corner piece fell off the wall in 6 strips of broken wood. The pieces had been taken down by the previous fellow, which he then rehung with some mystical system in mind; they were never the same. Fortunately, we were able to recreate a similar baseboard to that found in the rest of the house. The only difference is that this one is 6" high vs. the 8" high found elsewhere. The reason behind this madness is that the previous owner/genius wired the room with outlets that cut into the baseboard. The wiring was all too short to raise the outlets and we opted to obtain some shred of our crumbling sanity by installing shorter baseboards since we had to replace them anyhow. The option of recreating the curved molding is a bit out of our budget at the moment and E isn't too fond of it to begin with. We will be adding picture molding around the room to mimic the real stuff in the rest of the house.

E also hung the medicine cabinets and light fixtures in the bathroom, I think hoping for some visual gratification. The lights are upside down but that's a detail, and we're not at the detail phase yet.

He's been spending an awful lot of time under the house painstakingly installing radiant heating tubes. I can't blame him for wanting to see something looking livable. The bedroom and bathroom now even have a fully functional heating set up. A nice neighbor fellow of ours informed me that since I was unavailable for the unveiling of the heating system, he went and experienced the sweat lodge in my stead. For this, I am grateful. I hope to keep all future gatherings in the house at a more respectable temperature.

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