Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Big and the small

The Small

Closet door knobs covered in paint:
Closet door knobs with paint removed. Caution. Don't handle shortly after removing paint. It tends to smart. Now to finish painting the doors, closet and do the touch-ups.
The BIG...

The bathroom is nearing completion. The floor tile is awesome. I chose a mid tone grey grout for the floor to match the existing tiling job in the front bathroom. My hope is that it keeps it looking cleaner too.

E installed the shower fixtures and toilet.

Yes, that is a double shower you spy. There's a slide bar on the left and a shower head on the right. Both have their own thermostatic valves. We'll be using a classy tension rod and shower curtain for the next few years due to the fancy pants upgrade made in the shower plumbing and fixture department, but I think it is worth it.

We're waiting to plumb the sinks until we get a counter top. I'll be hunting around salvage yards and stone bone yards this week in hopes of finding something reasonably priced.

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