Saturday, August 28, 2010

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What do you do when your in-laws come to visit? I put them to work. They are great cleaners and organizers and the house can always use more of both. Our contractor that did the seismic retrofit and dry rot repair, volunteered a day of his time to help us hang cabinets. He asked we unpack all the cabinets, remove the doors and drawers before he gets there so that he can spend the maximum amount of time helping. My in-laws did a great job:

We can see the floor in the dining room and living room again!

The kitchen is sitting and waiting for the install. The walls are painted and the lights are installed. E even installed the washer and dryer; we'll have to move it for the floor installation, but it has been worth it! We've used most of our neighbor's and friend's washers in the past year.

The master bathroom tile was well underway last week. In fact, it is finished but since I'm behind on posting - no surprise there - I only have the "in progress" shots to share.

Here's the two-inch hex tile going down on the floor and the one-inch hex in the shower pan.

Here we see the floor is down, including the matte liner. The wall tiles are in progress.

Here we have the shower walls going up.

I'll share the finished photos once I get around to taking them. This week we plan on installing the fixtures in the bathroom. My grandma is planning a visit to help paint the exterior of the house mid-September and I'm sure she would prefer an indoor bathroom for her stay.

I also flexed my electrician's muscles by installing one of the lights in the laundry room and both of the bedroom lights:

So far, I'm quite pleased with the results.

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