Monday, June 7, 2010

A list of demands

I was recently informed by a reader, aka friend, that she needs more house blog. She is distressed that my posts are not as rapid and numerous as she'd like. Well, demands being my specialty, I give you: THE WALLS!

Our tour begins at the entry door into the mudroom/laundry room. Please notice the niche left for the laundry board.
A turn to the left reveals the laundry room.
Walking into the kitchen, turning around this is the view of the mud/laundry room.

Turning our attention back to the kitchen you'll notice the huge stack of plastering mud in the room.
Now we're looking to the right.
Now we've run across the room, literally, and are turned back looking into the master bedroom.
Again, running break neck speed into the master bedroom, you can see the patch job on the wall where the old wall heater used to be plus the interior of the master bath.
Just around the corner is the rest of the master bath.

This concludes our tour for today.

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