Monday, June 7, 2010

Let there be WALLS

This is what the kitchen looked like before the sheet rock crew descended upon it just 30 min ago. The first sheet of drywall just went up. I can hear the them working at epic speed as I type. I'm sure later today the kitchen, mud room/laundry room, mstr. bathroom, mstr. bedroom will be covered and we will have WALLS!The master bathroom prep was competed last week. The Wonder Board went in the shower and on the walls. The shower pan passed inspection and we have a smooth mortar bed for floor tile installation.
Today's fun fact refers to the bathroom. Can anyone guess how far out of square the room was? I'll give you a hint: The previous owner who did such splendid work elsewhere definitely had his hand in constructing the small section of wall next to the door - between the bedroom and bathroom. Remember folks, the bathroom was once half the size it is today, then the previous owner put up a wall doubling the length but kept the original wall dividing the space in two. We removed the partition wall (original bathroom wall) leaving his section. You can see the offending wall portion in the image bellow. If you look really carefully you can see the wall furred out.
Anyone notice the 2x4 in the far corner. Yes. The wall was off by 2" inches. Considering the room is only about 11' long, that's quite a large variant.

Now that I've got that out of my system; moving along to something way cooler. We've been looking at exterior paint colors!

I admit, the two small squares on either side of the door are 1) pretty darned subtle in this picture 2) look pretty much alike. I can guarantee that they look very different. I swear it. My neighbor would attest to it as well. She'd swear it in front of a grand jury. She'd swear it threatened by a pit of vipers. She'd swear it, but don't tell her I told you so. Plus, she's an artist.

Here's the official color pallet as of 6/7/2010:

The two sage colors are for the body of the house and accents in the arches over the windows. The trim is a dark eggplant (color didn't translate to the computer very well). The windows which are already installed are the coconut cream. At the moment, I'm toying with the red umber for the front door.

I suppose with the drywall scheduled to be finished and textured by Friday, I need to get cracking on paint for the interior. The forerunner for the mstr. bedroom is the looser for the exterior. It has more green in the color and the paint swatch looks gorgeous in the room. Speaking of the paint swatches, after doing some great reading and chatting with my artiste neighbor, I picked up 2x2 squares of drywall and painted them with sample paint. They are great for moving around the house and checking various lighting situations.

I suppose I should be typing less and doing more. I'm off to Home Depot to rent a power washer and get some exterior paint to test out on the cottage.

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