Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back in the saddle again

I'm back from my life on the road.

While I was gone E progressed on the house. We had an inspection on the insulation (pass) solar (pass) final stucco (pass) final seismic (pass).

The current project is the master bathroom. I had the tile prep folks over this morning. Our floor is almost prepped for me to tile it. We are having a mortar bed poured since I'll be using small 1" hex tiles for the majority of the floor. The shower pan was pre-sloped and the walls are being furred out. I've come to the conclusion that I stand the best chance at getting a professional looking tile job if I pay the professionals to prep the area. If the area is flat, flush, smooth and plumb, my chances are significantly better. I'll take those odds.

The small bathroom is currently prepped and ready for me to tile. There are a few small areas that I need to patch in the wall where the plumbing was updated but other than that, all systems are go.

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