Sunday, October 17, 2010


Here we have the old kitchen flooring, rotted laminate over rotted particle board over rotted fir flooring. Behold, the power of dog urine:After ripping back the laminate, chiseling off chunks of particle board 2" at a time, prying the fir off with a crow bar then pulling each and every stinkin' nail out of the sub-floor, matching white strip oak was laid and seamlessly integrated into the existing dining room floor.

The wood floors in whole house (minus the master bedroom) got a sanding and were refinished. I was surprised to see the floors were in pretty good shape so we were able to go with a natural finish.
Here's a look back at the original state of the floors.
New floor laid down and old floor sanded:
Looking the other way:And finished!The dark hall of doom along with broken and corroded floor heater:Patched up and lighter:This photo is my favorite. We have mahogany inlay, even in the little entry!

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