Sunday, October 17, 2010

Exterior Ta-Da

Just in case you forgot how pretty the house was before, here's a shot. I do notice that the lawn was alive at this point, but taking that out of the equation, I think we made a significant improvement with the final paint job.Here's the pretty lady now. Please note, we did not paint the steps the powder blue. They were painted by the previous owner or real estate agent after they took the "buy me" photo:
I'm thinking of painting the front steps a light charcoal color. Something to hopefully ground them and diminish their gargantuan size. I'm sure once some foundation plants go in, it'll help the situation as well.

Here we have the front door in the "before" state. Yes, the wood was scraped raw and left to weather on the face and painted pink around the window panes.
E did a bang up job building steps for three of the doors to the outside.

We have a new back porch light as well.

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